About Tetonic Wines

Jay & Pam-Founders

Jay and Pamela Muir met through their shared passion for wine. From the day they shared their first bottle of wine to 30 years of marriage later, they have always worked as a team. Upon retiring from decades of various hats in the wine industry spanning multiple continents, Jay and Pamela started Tetonic Wines to continue to share their love of wine. They have since evolved from a passion project website to offering consulting services for businesses looking to draw on their collective experience in the wine world.

Jared-Everything Tech

Jared was working as a sommelier when he met Pam and Jay. They told him about their new project and he was immediately interested. His background in web-design made him a perfect addition to the Tetonic Wines team. Jared is responsible for all web development and regularly contributes to the blog and newsletter.