wines that sell well online

Wines That Will Sell Well Online

Selling wines is definitely not an easy task yet there are several new online sellers that make neat profits out of selling wines. Even though recent data suggests a drop for the first time in 25 years, the USA is the largest consumer of wines in the world with wines being sold from different parts of the globe. This means that there is high competition in this field as you find several brands of wines in the market. Yet there is enough demand for good wine and people’s tastes vary and this gives hope to those that are ready to market their own wine online. If certain rules, both regulatory and marketing, are followed then perhaps you may achieve success in wine selling just like others have done.

Selling online initially may have its own problems especially in the case of wine yet once that hurdle is crossed then it becomes relatively easy for you to sell wine across the world.

Selling Wines From An Online Store

In the first place you need to do your own research about winery and wine market. This is because wines can be sold by individuals through two methods and this is one by making the stuff themselves and the other by purchasing wholesale from the market and then selling them online with the help of individual labeling. Of course, you need to have unique labeling as it should differ from that of other competitors. Again, labeling should be such that it sticks into the minds of the consumers and therefore they are able to give repeat orders.

Then there are some rules and regulation while starting your business. In US you ought to have a wholesaler license so that you may start to communicate with various manufacturers of wines or other wineries in other countries. Many companies offer private label options so that you actually purchase wines wholesale from these wineries and then label it with your own labeling and trade marks.

If on the other hand you are starting your own wineries then there is a whole set of rules to follow. Starting your own winery needs huge investments and licensing in US works differently in different states

But if you are selling wines bought from wineries then you may only concentrate on that type of marketing which is relatively easy. You only need to have your firm’s name registered with an e-commerce site. There are few online stores that specialize in wine products.

Wines are Personalized Products

Although wines are sold in bulk by different brands it is essentially a personalized product. This is because consumers seem to have a personal experience with certain brand names and not quite so with others. It is here that you must try to carve out your niche area. Get a few customers hooked on to your brand and then increase their size.

Of course, needless to say you must have a good label and an equally good story about your wine. Most established and famed brands of wine have a distinct story to tell to its customers. So, should you too. In fact, you may stick your own QR code as well as present some beautiful scenery of a vineyard or anything attractive to make your potential customers gets hooked to your brand. You may therefore have a video of the story taken and then placed into the QR code which then is pasted on the back of your label.

You will notice that wines sold by smaller brands have to attract a specialized group of customers to it. It is this segment that enables you to explore more of the market. These groups of customers have their own tastes and preferences and generally have the same love for things natural and artificial. You may therefore tap your specific segment while marketing your wine brand.

You will also find that wines are best sold with the brand names that have strong presence in the social media. If you have accounts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on then you may be reasonably happy to note that your initial footing on this business is bound to pick up. You must make sure to post pictures of a wine drinking event which you have staged with half a dozen people on the social media. This will ensure that your message goes across to special segments of the population.

Merits of Attractive Packaging

It is not a secret that wines are usually sold with mysterious names and antique appearance of the bottle. There is always a feeling of calmness and well being connected with sipping of wine. Naturally, this should give you some idea as to the nature of the bottles that you would need to fill with your wine bought from wineries. For this, you may need to do some research so that you get an idea about how your competitors sell wines.

You may also find that large bottles of wines are not sold at a faster rate. It is usually the smaller bottles that sell fast. This is mainly because customers do not have the money to spend on large ones or perhaps they cannot wait to have a sip. This means that smaller bottles are better as they can quickly taste the wine with ease and think about making repeat orders once they find it really interesting.

Surprisingly, you will find that there is a huge demand for wine tubes which is in fact smaller than a bottle, but just enough to fill a full glass of wine. The customers love these tubes as they can sip one and then move on with their other duties. Some people even find them comfortable while traveling from place to place and may quickly pack one or two such wine tubes along with their other items.

You may even sell your wine in specifically made bottles as there are different kinds of designs that attract certain types of customers. Also, remember to pack these bottles …